Any way to know RSSI?



  1. I would like to know if there is some way to get RSSI of the messages. I would like to do some field distance measuring.

  2. Is there any way to use bigger antenna? Are you planning to accommodate some external antenna connector like u.fl?

PS: I have received BC products yesterday and today I can send data from modules to RPi with my own software. That is just amazing. End of self boasting.


ad 1. We do not implement RSSI reading in our SDK, but if you import SPIRIT Qi.h then can use original function
uint8_t rssi = SpiritQiGetRssi();


ad 2. ST Microelectronics is now manufacturing the SPIRIT1 module with u.fl connector.
It is pin compatible. It would be possible to buy Core Module NR which is without radio and populate the radio yourself. Or if you would like bigger quantity, we can probably produce them for you.


Karel and Martin, thank you for your answers which are as usual fast and to the point which is why I like BigClown for.

  1. The SpiritQiGetRssidBm() from Qi.h is what I have been looking form. It works great! I have found the library at GitHub
  2. I will order some spare core module without the radio later for some test.