Calculation of real time


I am trying to calculate the real time using ticks. My idea was, that I know real time of some tick. For example, I know, that tick 0 is 10:00. I expected that one milisecond = one tick. After approx. 7 hours is time delayed for 12 minutes. (At this moment I have in the log 26 015 s --> 433 minutes. I started the device at 12:39. 12:39 + 433minutes = 19:52, but the real time is 20:04) Is it possible? Is possible that every tick takes different time?
Does exist any other method how to calculate real time? Probably it is possible to use GPS module, but is little bit expensive for this function :wink:

Thanks a lot for any idea!



Yes is it possible, bc_tick is not exactly time. Crystal for rtc must be calibrated, but we haven’t implemented in sdk for now.



Does it mean that when I plan to run something after 8 hours, it will run not after 8 hours, but for example after 7 hours and 45 minutes? (It is 2 minutes difference in every hour --> it is 48 minutes per day, it is so much…)

So, when I would like to call something once per day, It will be performed not after 24hours, but after approx. 23hours?

Is any way how to call functions more accurately than I explained? Or are you planning to make it more accurately in the SDK? (if yes, when?)

Unfortunately this breaks my concept, because until now I thought that 1tick = 1ms :frowning:



Yes is in plan add support for calibration rtc over sdk, but for now I don’t tell when.
This problem is not only about support in sdk, but must exist way how you can calibration start and settings it.
For better working with nodes, we plan to use AT interfaces.