Code of conduct for SDK


There is page how to contribute to documentation. Is there something similar for code contribution?

E.g. should I discuss feature request here on forum, create issue or just make pull request directly? :slight_smile:


We will be happy for pull request,
But creating an issue is also good for improving the documentation.


Pull request with forum thread or github issue to discuss would be fine.
What is your suggested area of code/sdk improvement?


Few missing features of SDK for LoRa module (bc_cmwx1zzabz). I already wrote some:


Perfect, thanks for your tips.
We will improve LoRa SDK based on customers needs. There’s lot of parameters to configure and it’s good to have someone with practical skills who knows what is important.

I can add all three functionality soon in a few days. Is it ok for you?


Glad to help.

No need to rush. I’m working on simple LoRaWAN thermometer example application with more professional like LoRa communication - my current design. But it is hobby/evening type of project.