General recommendation for 3d printing of (official) enclosures


Hi bigclownians and BigClown team.
Is there any general recommendation or tips and tricks for printing official enclosures available at
eg. recommended infill, materials. Is support needed etc.
I found some partial information at forum but no “recommended configuration”.
It would be great to have all these described at



Hi Matous.
We are tuning and printing enclosures at Prusa I3 MK2 with SW Prusa Control, print resolution 0.2 mm (It is mentioned in readme on github) and default infill 20% If you use different resolution it can caused very small offset of USB or other holes and dimensions,… caused by different step height. Infill has not significant effect because the wall thickness is 2 mm and should be full even if you chose minimal infill.

We are also preparing source codes for all enclosures in OpenScad. It should provide easier user custom modification or tune models for different 3D printer.


Thanks @Kamil OpenScad codes would be great.


thanks for pointing out that Enclosure page. I’ve added some short text for now and published it.
It seems like we forget to mention enclosures anywhere in the documentation. That page will be improved over time.