Python code requires preloaded image of QR code to send it to LCD Display

For my project I need to generate a QR code to a website and display it on the LCD display.
After I tried to use the code from the Wifi Router project (see other issue) I used this project:

Although I am able to display preloaded images of QR codes I want to generate the QR code based on input variables received from MQTT subscription. I use a python library qrcode) to generate the QR Image but the display code needs a stored image instead of an image in memory. Not sure if I need to store it somehow temporarily in order to load it or if I can manipulate it as an array.

My Git project:

Hi, what data are you encoding to the QR Code?

Not sure I understand you right, but you would like to send custom string over MQTT which will be sent over radio and in the Core Module then encoded to QR Code image and displayed.

That’s basically what our other QR Code wifi password project does, you just need to remove the concatenation of the string in the Core Module.

How many bytes/characters are you sending over radio? There is a packet limit somewhere around 40-50 bytes. Is some part static - for example you change only some parameter in the URL?

See response in the other topic: Generated QR Code for LCD module not working

The setup in the Wifi project (letting eht LCD module generate the QR code after receiving an MQTT message) is more suitable for my project so I won’t be needing to get this alternative working.

Hi Robert,
is there in this thread anything I could help you with? You’ve answered to the other thread and now I’m not sure if I answered all your questions. Can I close this thread? Thanks